Mollie Stephenson - Production Team Member

New year, new team member. Let us share with you a little more about one of our newest members of our team, Mollie!

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?
My role at Breckenholme is as part of the Production Team. I help make the products and also help box up the products, ready for our dispatch team to send out to stockists, our online customers and also for our show team to sell at events and farmers’ markets. I’ve been part of the team for about 5 months now. The whole production thing was very new to me, but I absolutely love it!

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?
I have lived in the countryside all my life and food as always been a big part of family life. My mum is a brilliant cook and is very much a feeder! She has always spoilt myself and my brothers with incredible homemade meals. When I was younger my days at school were very long but when my brother and I would come home we would very often share our meals together as a family. Sometimes it didn’t even matter what was made for me it was just the spending time with my family which I enjoyed, which I think is very important when it comes to food – being surrounded by the right people!

What’s your favourite product that you make here with love!

I love all the products, but that’s just a given! However, my favourite products have to be the Dressings, more specifically our Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Mint & Balsamic Dressing! Being a veggie, a salad is a very common thing for me to have when I come home from work, when I just want to make something easy. Add a drizzle of our Dressings and it’s no longer such a boring salad! Also, when it comes to Summer we have a BBQ most weekends and the Dressings not only create an amazing salad, but are also perfect for marinading veggies, meat and fish, and our Mayonnaise with Garlic always goes down a treat with a burger.

What’s your favourite dish to cook, or to be cooked for you?
My favourite dish to cook at home is a Roasted Butternut Squash & Chickpea Curry – I make this most weeks and enjoy it every single time! Even my meat loving family manage to enjoy it. It’s super easy and with some homemade rice is the perfect Winter supper when I get home.

In your downtime, what do you enjoy getting up to?
In my downtime I love going on walks with my friends and family – this usually involves walking to a pub, which I also love! When I get the chance and when the weather isn’t too bad, I enjoy playing tennis! I used to play a lot at school and now I play whenever I get the chance.