Why Rapeseed Oil?

Rapeseed oil is now becoming widely recognised as an excellent British alternative to olive oil. It also carries flavour beautifully so is a natural pairing for any product range. Working alongside like minded farmers and producers, we operate together to produce the best quality and best tasting oils and culinary products. Here’s a little information on how we do this.

Why Cold Pressed?

All our oil is cold pressed. Cold pressing means that the rapeseed is pressed in a natural, chemical-free way. We use a screw-like device within the press to squeeze the oil from the rapeseed. Cold pressing ensures the oil retains the majority of the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements that make rapeseed oil the healthy choice. If a rapeseed oil is not cold pressed it may mean that chemicals have been used to extract even more oil from the seed, so it may contain more than just the goodness and may not contain the very characteristics that makes rapeseed oil unique.

We should also add that our Rapeseed Oil is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Health Benefits

Rapeseed Oil contains only half the saturated fat and 11 times the Omega 3 of olive oil. Omega oils are what are known as the healthy oils. Rapeseed oil is a great source of Omegas 3, 6 & 9, in the right combination to work together as the body needs them.

The oil is also rich in Vitamin E – helping protect DNA to promote a healthy immune system.

In the main, rapeseed oil is made up of monounsaturated fats. Known as the ‘good fats’, these promote healthy cholesterol. Trans fats are to be avoided as they can raise blood pressure, cholesterol levels and may increase the risk of a heart attack. Rapeseed contains less than 1% of these fats so makes it the healthy choice.

High Burn Point

Heating any oil past its smoke point releases harmful free radicals which can damage cells. Cold pressed rapeseed oil can be heated to around 220oC which is much higher than extra virgin olive oil, ensuring its suitability for all types of cooking and providing the end user with total versatility.