Away from our own branded goods we also offer a number of bulk, contract pressing and bottling services. We enjoy working with like minded farmers and producers, working together to produce fantastic oils and culinary products.

Bulk Rapeseed Oil

Our own cold pressed rapeseed oil can be supplied in anything from 100ml glass bottles to 1000l IBC’s.

Our bulk oil is made from seed grown in Yorkshire. It is all SALSA accredited and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Contract Pressing

Breckenholme also offer a reliable and professional service contract pressing for other cold pressed rapeseed oil producers.

Our capacity to receive and store bulk seed deliveries, in multiples of 30 tonne batches or smaller amounts, gives Breckenholme the flexibility to deal with all customer requirements.

Adapting to specific requirements, we can cater our contract pressing options to individual customers. Once received the seed is pressed and filtered and held in designated tanks until it is called for by the customer, at which point it’s bottled and labelled if required.

Contract Bottling and Labelling

Whether you are having your own seed pressed, or looking to bottle rapeseed from our supply, we can offer a full bottling and labelling service to fit your needs. We hold a stock of basic bottles, and specialist glassware can be sourced to fit your requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing service offers an opportunity to use one of our many tried and tested product recipes, to develop your existing recipes or create bespoke products for your brand.

We pride ourselves on our new product development service, constantly working on new innovative products using cold pressed rapeseed oil.  We currently manufacture flavoured oils, dressings, mayonnaise, vegan products, and dips.

We contract manufacture products for both the UK and European markets, working alongside smaller brands who do not have the facilities in place to manufacture themselves, and larger brands who look to outsource their production needs. 

All of our products are produced and packaged under SALSA regulations.

Rapeseed Expeller

As well as producing oil, the cold pressing process also produces a high quality animal feed supplement in the form of rapeseed expeller

When compared to standard solvent / heat extracted rape meal, expeller cold pressed rape meal has higher levels of digestible amino acids such as lysine, a vital building block in protein for livestock and poultry, playing a major role in muscle building and the production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

Cold pressed rapeseed expeller contains typically between 11% and 12% oil, which is significantly higher than standard solvent / heat extracted rape meal. This higher content means that these amino acids, which are a required supplement in an animal’s diet, are present and therefore reduces additional costs.

Studies have also shown that rape meal subjected to heat processing, has a negative impact on meal quality for mono-gastrics, lysine in particular is affected by this heat.

Expeller gives an excellent start to cattle performance, combined with extra coat shine.

Protein efficiency ratio compares the total weight gain of a growing animal to the weight of protein consumed over the growing period. Based on this measure, cold pressed rape expeller has been shown to be superior to other plant based sources of protein such as soy and pea.