Matthew Dixon - Production Manager at Breckenholme

The faces of Breckenholme are made up of family and friends, and it’s time to meet another who cares passionately about what we do. Matthew Dixon is our Production Manager and joined us many moons ago. Matthew is the man who makes sure our bottles are filled to perfection!

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?
I’ve been part of the team here since Autumn 2012. As Production Manager it’s my job to make sure that all our bottles and jars are filled to perfection, and that includes understanding a number of technical aspects, for example, using production line equipment, whilst meeting all the standards needed as a food business. I enjoy the challenge of the role and it’s been a pleasure to see the business grow over the years. I also look after a small and growing team, and it’s a great to work with people who are so passionate about what we do. I’m also lucky enough to be part of the show team and, when time allows, get out to attend the fabulous food events we attend across the country.

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?
Back in 2008 after the financial crash in the UK, I took redundancy from my job working for the Civil Service in Leeds. A good friend of mine, Simon, aka The Chilli Jam Man was starting out on his foodie journey, and I immediately jumped on board. A few years later I was happy to join the Breckenholme team. It was a big leap as I finally made the move to live in the sticks, but I have never looked back. Simon is still a close friend, and as we share premises we get to see each regularly to talk all things food production!

What do you love most about working in the Food & Drink industry?
Food and drink!! It’s great to try new products and being in a growing industry there’s always something new to try. Over the years I’ve seen lots of small, local artisan producers come and grow, and it’s been satisfying to see their journey year on year.

Living where I do, I can also appreciate the food scene around Malton, the foodie capital of Yorkshire just seems to keep growing and there’s a great collaborative feel with the independent and specialist businesses in the area.

What are you looking forward to most during show season now you are returning to food events across the country?
Shows and events are a good way to discover something new and I try and take time whilst there to seek out someone or something new. The shows are great to also get feedback from our own customers. Their opinion is valued and can really help let us know what the man on the ground thinks about what we do!

It’s full on barbecue season, can you tell us about one of your favourite things to cook / eat from the grill?
My favourite things to cook from the grill are always marinaded with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Smoked Chilli Dressing, it’s got just the right amount of heat for my taste. It works well with chicken and prawns – always my go to choices at a barbecue. My mayo choice is Charlie & Ivy’s Chipotle Chilli – anything smothered in this always tastes better, especially on the side of burgers and bangers.

I like anything with a bit of heat – perhaps working with Simon, the Chilli Jam Man helped with that. A couple of years ago Simon and I spent a few weeks’ travelling around Australia where I thought I would have the most epic barbecue food experience, and I did. But it wasn’t from the grill – it was a salad! That recipe was a Beetroot, Walnut, Spinach & Feta Salad and I’ve been making it ever since! It does also star at any barbecues!