Continuing our meet the team blog, this month we chat to Marcelle about her role within our brands Marketing Department.

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?

I can’t quite believe it but I have been at Breckenholme for nearly 4 years now. My role is to support the Marketing Team, working alongside Jennie I help run the social media feeds, look after the websites, and keep everyone in touch with our news. Hopefully a big part of my job this year will be once again helping our shows and events run smoothly. We’re a small and passionate bunch here and everything you see around our brand has been touched by us.

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?

I didn’t have a food background before joining Breckenholme – I worked for a leadership and finance training company. Though with my French heritage food has always played a huge part in my life. The ever straining shelves of recipe books at home are certainly attest to that! I’m very happy to be involved with any recipe development here at Breckenholme, and food photo shoot days are always a highlight!

What do you love about working in the Food & Drink Industry?

I love working in this industry, and particularly lucky to be based in Yorkshire. I’m a newcomer, with only living here for 26 years, but I have fully embraced the benefits of having such a wide range of food and drink on offer. Yorkshire is such an abundant county – full of diversity, with cosmopolitan cities, coastline, and untapped areas such as the Wolds where we are, and I think that can only benefit our food and drink producers. The glut of Michelin-starred chefs in Yorkshire certainly proves the point. We are blessed to be part of that.

From your experience of the last year, how do you think people’s relationship with food has changed?

It’s a no brainer that home cooking increased during the lockdown. With people tending to experiment more, we saw a huge increase in cooking from scratch. Under Breckenholme, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil saw a huge increase in our product bundle sales, and in particular with our Refill Bundle and our Bake Bundle. There were a lot of banana loaves out there that we can claim our Rapeseed Oil contributed to! Sales of our Charlie & Ivy’s range followed in the same vein with more people at home, with more time to plan ahead, and wanting to try out new flavours and dishes. We were lucky enough to be able to also satisfy the public’s thirst for shopping locally and online during the last year.

Tell us about one of your favourite things to cook / eat!

I have to confess that my other half now works the majority of his time from home since lockdown, and so lately I have taken advantage of most evenings going home to a home cooked meal!  Though I do have a huge say in meal planning! As I am obsessed with food in general, my favourite thing to eat changes on a daily basis. Ask any of my office buddies – we all obsess about food here!

At the moment my youngest son is keen to experiment with Asian food, so we’re spending a lot of the time at the weekend in the kitchen teaching each other – me teaching him the basics and him teaching me new flavour combinations. It’s a cuisine that suits me – starting with the freshest ingredients, and you can’t really go wrong! And it tends to be on the table pretty quick. Always a bonus.