Time to find out a little more about another of our amazing team members. Let us introduce Jason who is one of our Sales Team members, who also has the enviable position of new product development for us and our contract manufacturing customers.

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?
I’ve been at Breckenholme since 2013. When I started my time was split between the farm and the rapeseed oil side of things. I think I’m quite fortunate to have worked across all areas of the business.

Because I’ve done a bit of everything at Breckenholme, my role here is a bit hard to pin down. I do my share of the weekly delivery runs, visiting our customers throughout the county, but I also have a role in new product development, which I really enjoy. I get to work with our trade customers on new products for them, as well as the new products we bring out under our own brands.

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?
My food journey started like everyone’s I guess, I love to eat!! I’m definitely a live to eat person, rather than eat to live. I was quite a fussy eater as a child, and I think that pushed me into wanting to cook my own food, just the way I liked it.

I’ve dabbled in making most things at the kitchen table, from cheese to chorizo and cured ham, pickles and jams, along with sloe gin, elderflower champagne cider and beer. Food and drink keeps me going!

My background is quite varied! I come from a farming family, so I spend my time between Breckenholme and the family farm. I studied Product Design Engineering at University and I’ve always enjoyed making things. I studied in Scotland, which I loved, and I worked there after graduating. I left the industry after a few years and spent a year living and working in North America.

Once I left Scotland, I finally moved back to Yorkshire and split my time between the family farm and a local micro-brewery for a short time. I then moved to Breckenholme.

What do you love most about working in the Food & Drink industry?
It’s probably split between the people and the food (the food is a given I know!). But you get to meet and work with a broad range of people and everyone has their own story to tell.

My job is quite varied too, so I generally don’t get bored.

Where do you think food trends are heading in the near future?
I think (and hope) that local food will be a trend / movement in the future – going back to eating more seasonal food, and reducing our meat consumption. But I don’t think we’ll ever stop it completely and I wouldn’t want to either.

I hope that less processed food will be tied to local food. If grown nearby it doesn’t need the same shelf life and hopefully it can be grown for its taste, not how long it will keep in transit or the shop. I think technology will help to reduce food miles and increase the range of things that can be grown on our doorstep.

Tell us about one of your favourite things to cook / eat?
I never like to nail down a favourite meal, as it all depends on the day, night or time of year!

I love Italian food, and I do enjoy making pizza from scratch, but I’m happy trying any new recipe or style of food. Eating and cooking with friends and family is something I really get a buzz out of. You learn from each other, get to spend time together and are able to try new things.