Hatty Lord - Team Member at Breckenholme

Time to share all things Hatty Lord! Hatty is our Dispatch Assistant and in charge of making sure your online orders are expertly picked, packed and posted! She can also be found out and about every month at the Malton Monthly Market proudly selling our wares! Enjoy the read.

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?

My current role at Breckenholme is Dispatch Assistant. It’s my job to process all the online orders, pack them up and send them out. I also help out putting together our retail orders to keep our retailers shelves fully stocked. So, any order you place online, whether it be a hamper, gift set, build your own bundle or just a simple bottle of rapeseed oil, it will be packed with love by me! I’ve been part of the team for some time now, I started by helping out at events in the Summer months as part of the show team, and still today I love helping out at busy times. You’ll also find me each month manning our stall at the amazing Malton Monthly Market and selling our wares!

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?
I have always been a bit of a foodie, faffing around in the kitchen from an early age! I just love that food brings so much joy. I studied Nutrition and Psychology at university as I wanted to learn more about the science behind food and how the body processes it, but also the psychology behind food and the way people perceive it, behave with it and the effect it has on us psychologically. I really enjoyed my course and just knew I wanted to work in the food industry.

What do you love most about working in the Food & Drink industry?

I love being surrounded by other foodies all the time, and living in Malton, the Food Capital of the North, we have all the small, independent and passionate foodies right on our doorstep. Attending the Malton Monthly Market each month and interacting with our customers is something I really enjoy, it’s also a great way to explore what other foodie businesses are getting up to and discover new products.

We know you love to travel, what’s the stand-out meal you’ve enjoyed most and where was it?

Both Pad Thai and a Massaman Curry in Thailand immediately spring to mind. They are both quite simple Thai dishes, but when you experience them being cooked right in front of you in that setting, with the freshest of ingredients and amazing flavours, it just makes it such a yummy experience that I will always remember. No Pad Thai in England ever seems to beat those made fresh in Thailand.

The great outdoors has a big pull for you, where is your favourite Yorkshire spot to walk and explore?

I really love the outdoors, and so lucky where I live so I can just step outside into the amazing countryside and have the freedom to walk wherever I like. My favourite Yorkshire spot is easy! It’s so near to home that it is called Hatty Lord’s Lake! (So called by Adam Palmer, not me and it’s also more of a pond!). This is a very special place to me. I spend a great deal of time there, whether it’s for a swim, alfresco eats, a natter with friends or just to sit and contemplate. I just love it – especially if there’s an amazing Yorkshire sunset! Would love to share where it is, but it’s a secret location – sorry!