Esther Palmer - Breckenholme Team Member

We love finding out more about our team members, and know you do too. Today it’s all about Esther Palmer! A little share into her life growing up here on the farm and how she still contributes to what we do here today.

Having grown up on the farm here at North Breckenholme, what are your earliest memories of being on the farm?

I have many memories of living in the same house that Adam and Jennie now live in. I remember some very snowy winters when the whole front was a mass of snow drifts and my father made my sister, Debbie, and I snow houses. We often missed school because the weather was so bad they couldn’t get the school minibus to take us to Fridaythorpe. We also had adjoining dens in upturned tree roots! We loved lambing time and always had pet lambs around. On a rare occasion one would be brought inside to get warmed up.

Fast forward a few years, what is your role here today?

My role nowadays is more supportive. I have been known to help out in production and on markets when required. I sometimes even get involved in painting offices and the like! Since retiring from teaching four years ago I have acted as the Education Co-ordinator for the Farm Discovery Days we hold here. Adam was always keen to open up the farm so that children could learn more about where their food comes from and how it is produced. We have been developing the Farm Discovery Days alongside local schools and I have really enjoyed working with them all.

Looking at your role as Educational Co-ordinator, what is your background?

I began my career as a secondary school teacher in Bridlington and then took a few years off to have our 3 children. I returned to teaching in primary school at Swinemoor in Beverley where I worked with children with additional needs. I had very many happy years working with an amazing learning support team and some wonderful children and parents. Now I am responsible for planning the Farm Discovery Days alongside teachers so together we can meet some of the targets for their particular topics. We have done lots of craft, we have baked and we have even run a bottling line as well as some great farm walks and opportunities to explore tractors and combines.

Do you have a favourite themed day that you’ve held for the farm visits?

What do you think the children have most enjoyed about their time on the farm?I have enjoyed all the days we have done. The enthusiasm of the teachers and children has helped to make some brilliant events. The sheep days that we did were amongst my favourites. We had great fun watching Adam shearing sheep and being cheered on at the side. All the children who have visited us went away with smiles on their faces and they seemed to enjoy all the activities. It’s been a pleasure to welcome them back after the challenging couple of years for us all.

We know your family return to Yorkshire on a regular basis, what is your favourite dish to cook and share around the table with them?

I use the natural Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil every day but the family love to come home for a Sunday Roast. The grandchildren and the rest of the family love their Yorkshire Puddings which I always bake with the oil. I also use a drizzle of oil to baste my chicken and top with some mixed herbs. There is nothing like a big family Sunday dinner!

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