Image of Alex Cooper - Production Team Member

Time to meet another of our amazingly passionate and hard working team members – Alex Cooper! Alex works hard in our production team, filling our bottles with deliciousness just for you!

What is your role at Breckenholme and how long have you been part of the team?

I work in the production unit and have a hand in making all our lovely products. I’ve been part of the team for 4½ years now, with just a short break after having my one-year-old son, Ralph.

How did you start your journey in food? What is your background?

I grew up on a dairy farm, and as a result I care a huge amount about where our food comes from, and just how much time and effort is put into producing our food. Growing up we spent the majority of our time outdoors, so I have always been in awe of how my mum managed to create amazing meals in such a small amount of time, and for such a big family. We ate around the table as a family each and every single night and I think my love of food came from the fact every mealtime was spent with people I love.

What do you love most about your time spent on your family dairy cattle farm? Are they first generation farmers or has your family been in farming for a good number of years?

My grandparents used to own a greengrocers in Ilkley before moving to our family farm in North Yorkshire around 50 years ago. They started the dairy farm with just three cows and grew it from there. We came out of dairy farming in 2016 and the farm now rears beef cattle. I absolutely love everything about that farm and the lifestyle it gave us growing up, and I do hope Ralph gets as much love and enjoyment from it as I did.

Have you had a hands-on role at the farm? If so, what job did you find most satisfying?

Growing up on the farm we all had to be hands on! When you’re part of a farming family you don’t tend to get the choice to say no to jobs, although I’m not sure we ever wanted to!

I used to love feeding calves after school and waiting by the milking parlour door for my dad to fill an old green wine bottle full of milk. Milking with my dad was my favourite job because it meant I got to spend time doing something I loved with one of my favourite people (added bonus that I could annoy him as much as I liked, and he couldn’t leave!)

What’s your favourite product that you make here with love!

My favourite product changes quite often but as soon as it starts to feel slightly autumnal outside, I definitely love a dollop of Charlie & Ivy’s Chipotle mayonnaise.